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Rendering of Firo

As a Firo® Fire Kissed Pizza franchise owner, you will receive full access to our incredible business model, designed for maximum flexibility and streamlined simplicity. Typically housed within 2,500 to 3,000 square feet, the Firo® Fire Kissed Pizza concept can work in a variety of settings, including strip-center end-caps or existing freestanding outparcel locations.

Restaurant exteriors have been carefully designed to incorporate a rustic Tuscan feel, including stucco and brick work, custom fire sconces with gas flames that lick the inside of glass cases and blaze during evening business hours. Once inside, guests are greeted by more of the Firo® Fire Kissed Pizza ambience, a balanced blend of comfort and subdued elegance featuring a mixture of rustic, earthy elements and rich, artistic accents, from exotic woods to stone textures and more, all of which project a one-of-a-kind warmth and style. Even the background music is carefully chosen to be fun and upbeat, but not overpowering. As a Firo® Fire Kissed Pizza franchise owner, you will have ample guidance as you design and equip your own restaurant, to help ensure your guests enjoy the full Firo-experience with every visit.

















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